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Count Larry Fitzgerald among Paul Chryst's supporters

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Rich Schultz

Larry Fitzgerald was in town recently for Pitt's ACC celebration and to hear the news of his jersey number being retired by the school. But he also had a great vote of confidence for Pitt's current head coach, per CBS Pittsburgh aka The Fan:

“They have a great leader in Coach Chryst. He’s an unbelievable man, and he’s done a great job with every program he’s been to. He’s going to get this program to the top of the ACC in a short period of time,” Fitzgerald said during a celebration at Stage AE honoring Pitt’s formal entrance into the conference.

He added:

“They have the right man in charge,” he said. “I would just tell those guys to continue to work hard, and be ready for great things.”

Fitz is a class act so there's no way he would slam Chryst while in town on such a special occasion. But if you check out the link over at CBS Pittsburgh's site, Fitzgerald just sounded very enthusiastic about the program and it seems like he means what he's saying about Chryst.

To me, it's still too early to make a firm decision about Chryst one way or the other but I'm still pleased with the hire if forced to give a yea or nay vote. The results haven't been there on the field yet, but he walked into a bit of a mess upon being hired. Losing games to teams like Youngstown State at home isn't acceptable, but all things considered I'm still on board with the hire.

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