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Tra'Von Chapman says Paul Chryst wants him back

Jared Wickerham

A mini bombshell was dropped by Jerry DiPaola of the Trib today regarding the Tra'Von Chapman case. According to the article, Chapman came out and said that everyone wants him back, but it's up to the Chancellor. The quarterback even went so far to say the plan is for him to be back:

"The plan is to have me back," Chapman said. "I want to come back. Coach Chryst and everyone else want me back. Mr. (Steve) Pederson (athletic director) is presenting the case to the chancellor and the chancellor is going to decide."

Just, wow.

The other key piece of news in that article is that we should hear pretty soon - Chapman said hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'm pretty astonished that Chapman would speak so freely of it when everyone else has been so tight-lipped. Nary a word has come out from Chryst or anyone else on the team.

Now, could Chapman's words be a bit misleading? Maybe. Chryst could still give him the boot and based on how he's treated other players, that seemed like the way things could go. But if Chapman's statement is indeed on the up and up, Chancellor Nordenberg has an interesting decision.

Part of the reason Pitt let go of Dave Wannstedt was because players had run all over the program via numerous off-field issues. Chryst has done a lot to clean that up, though, and if Chryst gives his blessing, my guess is we'll see him back.

Meanwhile, former Panther Chas Alecxih says what he wants to see happen:

Stay tuned.

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