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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt - New Mexico Staff Predictions

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Another week of predictions as we've got Pitt's second game of the season tomorrow when Pitt takes on the New Mexico Lobos. The bad news is that Pitt lost last week to Florida State. Badly, by the way. However, the silver lining is that all of our writers picked appropriately to begin the season 1-0.

With New Mexico in town, we're back with more picks and hopefully, this one turns out correctly. It was again unanimous, but this time, it's Pitt we're picking. The Panthers could obviously have some trouble in this game, but if you're asking us to make a prediction, we're all going with Pitt here.

At home and with too much on the line, it's really difficult to go the other way. If Pitt shows up, all signs point to a Panthers victory ... at least for us.

Do you see it differently?

Anson (1-0) - Pitt

Bryan (1-0) - Pitt

Chris (1-0) - Pitt

Jim (1-0) - Pitt

Mike (1-0) - Pitt

Pat (1-0) - Pitt

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