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2014 NBA Mock Drafts: Pitt forward Lamar Patterson moving up draft boards

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Heading into this season, it didn't seem all that realistic that Lamar Patterson would have much of a shot to be taken in the NBA Draft. But as the anchor for an 18-3 team and three ACC Player of the Week Awards under his belt, those chances seem to be getting higher by the minute.

Patterson is even showing up on some popular mock draft boards. He's not everywhere just yet, but a couple of popular sites are projecting that he's taken. not only has Patterson being taken, but fairly high. The site projects him going to the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 44th pick overall, into the first half of the second round. DraftExpress also says the Pitt forward will be taken, albeit a bit later. They currently have him going as the 55th overall pick near the end of the Draft to the Los Angeles Clippers.

It's too early right now and Patterson is the type of guy that can either play himself into or out of the draft at this point. If he's able to build on what he's done so far, his chances to be taken go up. But if we see more games like he had against Duke, it would seem like a long shot that he gets selected.

Either way, it's encouraging to see his name show up on some early boards.

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