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Paul Chryst expected to be named Wisconsin head coach tomorrow, per report

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is the day when we expected news out of Madison regarding Paul Chryst and according to KDKA's Richie Walsh, Chryst will indeed be named at a news conference as the Badgers' next head coach:

This wouldn't be any surprise from what was expected to happen. The delay in Chryst's hiring has been blamed on the State of Wisconsin's mandatory waiting time for an official hiring and that clock runs out tomorrow.

The most crucial thing on Pitt's end in my mind is to move quickly. Several days have elapsed where the school should have had a pretty good idea that they'd be looking for a head coach come Wednesday and you can only hope they've got a decent idea of what direction they're going in. With National Signing Day not all that far off, Pitt needs to act wisely, but quickly, in finding a new coach, assuming Walsh's tweet is accurate.

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