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Always on top of the game-Cardiac Hill's newest writer

Aron Minkoff is a sports Journalism major at Temple University who has been covering PItt basketball for the last six months and is our newest writer.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I am Aron Minkoff, a sports journalism major and junior at Temple University in Philadelphia. I did not always want to be a journalist, but I guess it was inevitable. My mother, also a former Journalism major, raised me to think objectively and fostered an environment in which the news was the most watched program on our television. Having grown up on Pitt's campus I elected to go elsewhere for college to expand my comfort zone and live a new experience. While at Temple, although it is occasionally challenging, I continue to follow Pitt basketball.

I was first introduced to Pitt basketball when I was a young child. My favorite player was Issac Hawkins, who played center for Pitt from 1996-2000. I remember attending games at the Fitzgerald Field House and the inaugural game at the Petersen Events Center with Duquesne in 2001. My grandmother has had season tickets since before I was born and I was fortunate to attend a majority of the games with her and my Aunt. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve Pitt basketball and it's truly a privilege to cover them.

I first covered Pitt basketball for isportsweb during an internship this previous semester and have grown immensely as a writer while contributing to their site. It has been a wonderful and door-opening opportunity. From there I landed a spot as a contributor for Rumbunter, a Fansided website that is devoted to all things Pirates.

Here at Cardiac Hill, I'll be covering mostly basketball and once games roll around, will be also contributing with previews and recaps.

If there is anything that I love more than writing posts about Pitt basketball or the Pirates it is interacting with readers. A lot of my pieces involve my opinion and if you disagree, I encourage you to comment on the piece or tweet at me. I like to think that my readers have learned as much from me as I have learned from them. Feel free to tweet at me about any topic regarding Pitt basketball, I try to always respond and enjoy the interaction.

I look forward to contributing to Cardiac Hill as well as hearing from all of you.

You can follow me on Twitter @aminkoff93