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An outsider's perspective of Narduzzimania

How can you not be excited for Pat Narduzzi?

Photo used with permission of the University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

I am a basketball guy, I do not post or cover football very much over here. If I do, it is usually at Temple where I am an undergrad covering games.

My viewpoint on new Pitt football coach Pat Narduzzi is mostly as an outsider. So even though I follow Pitt basketball a great deal, my perspective comes as one looking in for the most part when it comes to the football program.

Overall, it is tough to not watch the motor go on the Pat Narduzzi coaching staff and not think that there is success on the horizon. It's true that there's almost always a lot of enthusiasm surrounding new coaches, but I really feel that way here even more so than the norm.

Narduzzi has taken the Twittersphere by storm and has hit the recruiting trail head-on. He's already not only gained the support of the fanbase, but is drawing national recognition for his approach. It's not only him, either. He has surrounded himself with coaches who have experience recruiting in areas that Pitt needs to recruit in for success - places like Ohio and even Florida, where the program once targeted.

His passion for a program that he just took the reigns of a few short weeks ago is unmatched by any coach since the early years of Dave Wannstedt. That name still draws grimaces from some Pitt fans, but the Panthers haven't recruited as well since he was on the sidelines.

There's no guaranteeing success here, obviously. But from an outsiders perspective, it would not surprise me to see the only thing standing in the way of Pitt and years of success under Narduzzi is if he leaves the program. Presuming he is at Pitt to stay, they may have landed the coach that can finally get them to the next level.