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Pitt vs. Louisville: Open Gamethread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Step right up - it's your turn to wax the Panthers!

Kidding aside, after a difficult matchup on Monday against Duke on the road, Pitt has another stiff test today in Louisville. The game is somewhat unique in that both the Panthers and the Cardinals were defeated by Duke in the last game they played.

You can argue that Pitt has things a little easier this time around, hosting Louisville. That, if nothing else, should give you a little more reason for optimism. Still, on the surface, it's hard to come up with many reasons outside of that why the Panthers should win this one.

Louisville has three losses on the season, but all to Top 15 teams. They also crushed Indiana by 20 (on a neutral court, to be fair), while the Panthers were handled by the Hoosiers in a road game, and defeated a Clemson team that beat Pitt as well.

The Cardinals also rank in the top ten on the glass (as of this past week, anyway) and that's been an area of concern for Pitt, too.

Game time at 4:00 p.m. today. If you're not headed down to the Pete, join us here to comment live with the game on CBS.