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Cardiac Hill Poll of the Week: Darrelle Revis in the Super Bowl

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pitt football standout Darrelle Revis will be making an appearance in this weekend's Super Bowl with the New England Patriots as they take on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (cheap plug, but we'll have an open thread to comment live during the game that will be running here on the site).

The game makes for an interesting situation for Pitt fans - many of whom are also Steelers fans. Do you root for Revis to get his ring, or is it simply too difficult to pull for not only a Steelers' rival, but a team that fans of most other franchises can't stand?

It'd be nice to see Revis, who wasn't only a Pitt player but a local product, get his first championship ring. But on Super Bowl Sunday, is it enough to make you root for the Patriots and their deflated footballs?

Let us know in the poll below.

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