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King of the Hill: Cardiac Hill ACC Football Power Rankings (Week 11)

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We didn't see much movement in the power rankings last week. The teams at the top mostly won and the teams at the bottom lost or were on bye weeks. This week, we see a little movement but much of that again held true so there wasn't a lot. This late in the season, teams and their rankings are pretty much falling into place.

On the home front, Pitt moves up a little after their win over Duke. I jumped them ahead of Louisville for a couple of reasons. First, the Cardinals' recent win streak has not been as impressive as it sounds. The Cardinals have won six out of their past seven, but defeated Boston College by only three and Wake Forest by only one. Those are arguably the two worst teams in the conference. More importantly, the Panthers' best win, the one at Duke this weekend, is also significantly more impressive than Louisville's North Carolina State win (by seven at home).

Louisville has the slight edge in terms of common opponents, blowing out Syracuse while Pitt was mired in a much closer game, but I still give Pitt the advantage based on what I said above.

As always, give your own thoughts/opinions below.

Ranking Previous School Record Notes
1 1 Clemson 10-0 37-27 win over Syracuse
2 2 North Carolina
9-1 Easy 59-21 win over Miami
3 3 Florida State
8-2 Doubled up North Carolina State, 34-17
4 6
Pitt 7-3 Leapfrogs Louisville with convincing 31-13 win over Duke
5 5
Louisville 6-4 38-31 win over Virginia
6 4 Miami 6-4 Ugly loss against North Carolina drops them a couple of spots
7 7 Duke 6-4 Another loss, but they hold at No. 7
8 9 Virginia Tech
5-5 Move up a spot with 23-21 road win at Georgia Tech
9 8
North Carolina State
6-4 Drop a spot after loss to Florida State
10 10 Virginia
Lost to Louisville
11 11 Georgia Tech
3-7 Lost to Virginia Tech
12 12 Syracuse
3-7 Played well in loss to Clemson, but head to head loss to Virginia and seven-game losing streak keeps them here
13 13 Wake Forest
3-7 28-7 loss to Notre Dame
14 14 Boston College
3-7 Mercifully on a bye - only winless team in conference play

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