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King of the Hill: Cardiac Hill ACC Football Power Rankings (Week 12)

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We continue to not see much movement in the power rankings as teams have basically fallen into the slots they deserve at this point. There will be a little bit of flexibility, but not much.

The ACC has really sorted itself out into four different camps here. There's the elite (Clemson and North Carolina), the second tier (Florida State and Pitt), the middle, and the bottom five, which are pretty bad. It's nice to see Pitt break through a little this year and get out of that middle group where they seem to have been mired the past four years. As for the Panthers specifically, they win again but can't move up just because the teams in front of them keep winning.

We may have some movement in the middle in the final week but that should really be it. With a win against Virginia Tech, Virginia would move up into that middle tier but overall, this is mostly it.

North Carolina State was this week's 'Where do they go' team as I had a little trouble with them at 7-4. But I have them below Miami because their only three conference wins are against Syracuse, Boston College, and Wake Forest - the bottom three. And they're below Louisville because Louisville has five conference wins and also won the head to head.

As always, give your own thoughts/opinions below. ACC record is now shown in parentheses.

Ranking Previous School Record Notes
1 1 Clemson 11-0 (8-0)
Easy 33-13 win over Wake Forest
2 2 North Carolina
10-1 (7-0) Needed overtime to defeat Virginia Tech, 30-27
3 3 Florida State
9-2 (6-2)
52-13 win over Chattanooga
4 4
Pitt 8-3 (6-1)
45-34 win over Louisville
5 6 Miami 7-4 (4-3)
Up a spot after 38-21 win over Georgia Tech
6 5 Louisville 6-5 (5-3)
Lost to Pitt
7 9 North Carolina State
7-4 (3-4)
42-29 win over Syracuse bumps them up a couple of spots
8 7 Duke 6-5 (3-4)
Keep falling with 42-34 loss to Virginia
9 8
Virginia Tech
5-6 (3-4)
Fell just short against the Tar Heels
10 10 Virginia
4-7 (3-4)
Upset win over Duke, but can't move up because of the whole four win thing
11 11 Georgia Tech
3-8 (1-7)
Lost to Miami
12 12 Syracuse
3-8 (1-6)
Lost to North Carolina State
13 13 Wake Forest
3-8 (1-6)
Lost to Clemson
14 14 Boston College
3-8 (0-7)
Another valiant effort in close loss to Notre Dame, but still only winless team in the conference

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