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The Pitt Stop: Monthly Open Thread (March 2015)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here's your monthly open thread - The Pitt Stop.

Just like a gamethread, this post will remain open and at the top of the page for you to readily drop your comments, thoughts, links, questions, rumors, etc. throughout the month. Think of it as a giant message board, but with a little more functionality since every topic covered is in the same place and you can reply just as easily to specific comments - just like you can for all of our other posts.

Use this thread for:

  • Comments about any Pitt stuff that's unrelated to the current posts
  • Breaking Pitt news as it happens
  • Pitt links you found on the internet that we haven't posted
  • Links about potential Pitt recruits
  • Funny GIFs. Who doesn't love funny GIFs?

This thread will be left up until the end of the day on the final day of the month and then we'll begin a new one starting the following day at midnight.

No major rules here, but keep it civil, folks.

Other than that, post away.

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