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Poll of the Week: Punishment for Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd gave Pat Narduzzi his first real test as Pitt's head football coach and it won't have anything to do with play on the field.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, Pitt football fans woke up from their honeymoon with head coach Pat Narduzzi to remember that, well, Pitt can still Pitt, even though no games are being played. Star wide receiver Tyler Boyd, was pulled over and arrested for suspected DUI, and a number of other charges stemming from the traffic stop. Boyd was cooperative with police and released to a family member.

I will not get on my high horse here. I've been that age. I've made bad decisions. Most of us have if we are honest with ourselves.There is no real news as of right now, but it does seem as if Narduzzi will have his first real test before Pitt even takes the field for his Panther debut.

The good news is that Boyd's hearing has been set for early August, giving Narduzzi plenty of time to decide the wide receiver's fate. The members of Pitt's football team don't get much bigger than #23, so it will be interesting to see the punishment after this is all resolved with the law. Will Narduzzi bring the hammer down to send a message or will he dish out a lesser punishment?

In this week's poll, we want to know what you would do if you were in Narduzzi's shoes?

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