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Pitt Athletics to Institute "Fan Experience Committee"

New Athletic Director Scott Barnes introduces his first major idea.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

New Pitt Athletic Director Scott Barnes has only been on the job since technically last Monday, but his first idea is geared towards improving not only the gameday experience for fans, but also the athletic department's relationship with those fans. They announced the program yesterday through a press release.

"In short, we want to know how Pitt Athletics can better serve its fans," Barnes said. "The best way to do that is by engaging our people and asking for their thoughts and opinions. By working together, we can create a fan experience that ranks among the finest in the country."

The committee will be made up of twenty fans chosen through an application process. Current students, alumni, and general fans are all allowed to apply. They will meet quarterly to discuss everything from the in game experience to concessions offered to anything else related to fans attending athletic events. It's not clear if Barnes himself will be present at these meetings, but I would not be surprised as meeting quarterly is not terribly time consuming. 

I'll have another article going into further detail on this, but the change in attitude athletic department since December, and even before that since Gallagher took office, is pretty astounding. Gallagher ordered a survey for fans back during the football season, and instituted a lot of great policies in the months after based on that feedback. Many fans felt alienated during Steve Pederson's tenure, but I think you would be hard pressed to find a fan that feels the Pitt Athletic Department isn't willing to listen to them now.

As for applying to the committee, you can apply for it here. It just requires some contact info, your relationship to Pitt, and a brief (750 words or less) essay on "what you feel you would bring to the Panther Fans Experience Committee that would benefit your fellow Panther fans?". Once all twenty members are picked, they will be notified in July.

I already applied. Is this something you plan on applying for? Let us know in the comments