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Pitt defensive end Rori Blair charged with DUI, excessive speeding

Sophomore projected starter tested positive for marijuana.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Narduzzi is certainly getting a full introduction of being a head coach in the offseason. After Tyler Boyd was charged with a DUI last month, it came out today that sophomore and projected starter at defensive end Rori Blair has been charged with a DUI, excessive speeding, and other violations

Yes, you read that right. 117 miles per hour. The sheer stupidity displayed by that number is baffling, especially considering the drug issue on top of it. The article goes on to explain Blair had a blood test taken that confirmed he had marijuana in his system. Blair wasn't charged officially until yesterday even though this happened in March.

Blair was a bright spot on a defensive line that didn't get much pressure last year, and is the projected starter on the end. It would not surprise me if Blair was suspended for the season. This is a different situation, in my opinion, than the Boyd one. Narduzzi will have a tough decision on how much punishment should be doled out.