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Pitt inches up in this week's college basketball rankings

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the Pitt basketball team moved up a bit in this week's polls following wins against Georgia Tech and Notre Dame. The Panthers moved up several spots in both the Coaches Poll (up to No. 17) and AP Media Poll (up to No. 20).

Pitt is moving up each week, but still getting little respect from voters. Whether that's deserved or not is up for debate, but there's no question that many still aren't giving the team a ton of credit. Pitt remains the lowest-ranked one-loss team in the polls and, outside of 15-0 South Carolina, who is No. 19 in the AP Poll, is the only ranked one-loss team not in the nation's top 15 in either poll.

As I mentioned earlier, the Panthers surely are not overrated as it's taking them quite a bit to move up with the likes of the other one-loss teams. But that should come once the team is able to defeat a ranked program. They'll get their chance this Thursday at Louisville.

Because it's been a somewhat hot topic of discussion, I'd love to know where you'd rank the Panthers. Vote in the poll below if you've got a minute.

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