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Pitt takes down Boston College 84-61

Pitt bounces back to get their fourth ACC win.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Likely similar to Pitt fans, Dixon and his players explained they didn't watch a second of the Louisville game tape after the fact. Redshirt freshman Cameron Johnson mentioned Dixon told the team "Every team loses, but great teams bounce back" in stressing to them to move on.

Pitt dug themselves a bit of a whole early starting the game down 10-2, but slowly walked back up on Boston College as their offense started to click again. Eli Carter single handily kept this from being a blood bath. Carter was once a target of Pitt during Ashton Gibbs' junior year when it was unclear if Gibbs was leaving for the NBA or not. Carter eventually signed with Rutgers, transferred to Florida after the Mike Rice situation, and then used the grad transfer rule to come to Boston College. Carter is pretty good, and he proved as much tonight as he went for 31 points on 55% shooting including 5 of 11 from three. Only Dennis Clifford finished with double figures as well for Boston College.

Pitt's offense bounced right back to their ACC scoring average with four guys finishing  in double figures, including two players going for 20 or more points. Jamel Artis lead Pitt with 22 on the back of four threes shooting 66% from the floor. In a breakout game Cam Johnson had 20 points including four threes, and shooting 70% from the four. Both Young (13 points) and Robinson (10 points) had decent games including Young having an impressive nine assists to go along with a monster dunk off a Cam Johnson pass late in the game.

There's not too much to take from this game aside from a nice 23 point win that Pitt was expected to have. Boston College is just not a good team, so it's hard to say "Pitt is back!" after the loss to Louisville. It's good to see the offense get back to its normal self, because it continues to be really fun to watch.

Pitt's next game should be a bit more interesting if only for the context surrounding it. NC State is reeling, and Pitt would do well to notch another win against them if they want to keep in the thick of the ACC race.