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Pitt Recruiting breakdown on MarkRogersTV

Jim joins Mark Rogers to talk Pitt recruiting heading into the final stretch before signing day.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, I want you to check out a video interview I did last night on Mark Rogers TV.

Mark produces a ton of great college football content throughout the year, and I have joined him on multiple occasions to talk all things Pitt football.  He does that with just about any college football team in the country, and uses a lot of the different SB Nation sites for his interviews.  There has also been a weekly ACC Breakdown show that will continue in the future, and it is definitely worth checking out on Wednesday nights.  Give Mark a follow, and keep up with all of his work.

As for the breakdown itself, nothing earth shattering.  We have a little under two weeks until National Letter of Intent Day and it'll be a crazy next few days.  We all know who Pitt is still after, and who they have in the fold already.  The big names locally are Damar Hamlin and Khaleke Hudson, but Pitt finds themselves in a number of other big recruiting battles besides those two. They also have some very important official visit dates in the coming weeks as well.

So a quick refresher, we will cover signing day with a full-court press as we usually do.  We will have a week's worth of coverage breaking down the incoming class from all angles.  So stay tuned, as we will have a lot more recruiting news in the coming weeks.