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Doctor Robert: Pitt-Georgia Tech Injury Report

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt has a big game this weekend against Georgia Tech and here's an injury update for the Panthers in advance of the contest.

Since it's an ACC game, Pitt was required to disclose their official injury report. In addition to the usual suspects that have remained out, there are a couple of noteworthy things here.

First, wide receiver Zach Challingsworth and linebacker Mike Caprara are both listed as questionable.

Caprara was out against North Carolina but returned to play last week against Marshall, so hopefully he's back for good. Challingsworth was battling an undisclosed 'minor' injury, per Pat Narduzzi before the season. He hasn't registered any stats and I don't even know that he's been in there all year. But with the emergence of Henderson, Weah, and Tipton, I don't know how much room there would be for him to make an impact, anyway. FWIW, Challingsworth is listed as questionable with an 'upper extremity' injury.

In addition, you'll note that Jordan Whitehead isn't anywhere on this list. I theorized earlier in the week on Twitter that Whitehead's inclusion or lack thereof on the list could be some indication if his absence was health-related. Narduzzi sort of cleared up this week that it wasn't and him not showing up on this list sort of indicates that as well. And also not here is Damar Hamlin, who could surface at some point if Pitt decides to burn his redshirt.

Other than the gaggle of players that continue to be out (Dewayne Hendrix, Elijah Zeise, Dontez Ford, Mike Grimm, Zach Gilbert, etc.), that's all, folks.

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