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King of the Hill: ACC Football Power Rankings (Week 13)

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The end of the ACC regular season is finally here, so we've got one more set of power rankings. I'm not sure we'll do one after the bowl games, so this may be it.

Had some movement in the last week. I generally stuck with my rules of keeping teams ranked based on overall record and head-to-heads, but made a couple of exceptions. First, I moved North Carolina below several 8-4 teams they've beaten because of how they ended the year. While those teams (Miami, Pitt, Georgia Tech) all lost to the Tar Heels, they have all also won three or four in a row. North Carolina has not only lost two out of three, but to north Carolina State and Duke - teams both in the lower half of the ACC.

Similarly, I leapfrogged Florida State up three spots and up over Louisville despite previously losing to them and having the same record. The Seminoles have won four in a row and just dominated No. 15 Florida. Louisville, meanwhile, has lost two in a row to Houston and Kentucky.

I will always give the advantage to teams that have won head-to-heads and have the same record, but while that's a big part of it, teams beating ranked teams with others falling to weak teams gets a little consideration.

As always, let me know what I got right/wrong.

1. Clemson (1) / 11-1: Routed South Carolina in finale, 56-7

2. Florida State (5) / 9-3: Move up several spots with blowout win over No. 15 Florida, 31-13

3. Virginia Tech (3) / 9-3: Moves up a spot with 52-7 win over Virginia

4. Louisville (2) / 9-3: Down two spots after 41-38 loss to Kentucky - second loss in a row

5. Miami (6) / 8-4: Up a spot with 40-21 win over Duke

6. Pitt (7) / 8-4: Up a spot with 76-61 win over Syracuse

7. Georgia Tech (8) / 8-4: Up a spot with 28-27 win over Georgia

8. North Carolina (4) / 8-4: Down four spots with 28-21 loss to North Carolina State - second bad loss in a row

9. Boston College (9) / 6-6: Hold steady with 17-14 win over Wake Forest

10. North Carolina State (10) / 6-6: Hold steady with upset over Tar Heels

11. Wake Forest (11) / 6-6: Hold steady with loss to Boston College

12. Duke (12) / 4-8: Hold steady with loss to Miami

13. Syracuse (13) / 4-8: Hold steady with loss to Pitt

14. Virginia (14) / 3-9: Hold steady with loss to Virginia Tech

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