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Against the Odds: Nebraska Omaha

Despite a high powered offense, Vegas gives a double digit advantage to Pitt.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska Omaha at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

“I feel the need....the need for speed!” There are a lot of lines from Top Gun to describe the Nebraska Omaha Mavericks (get it? Mavericks...Top Gun...speed...I’ll see myself out), but this one stands out more than most. That’s because the fast-paced offense of Omaha hits for 83.1 points per game. Vegas doesn’t seem to care though, as they have marked Pitt at a 14 point favorite tonight, at The Pete.

The Mavericks come into the evening at 7-5 and have beaten Iowa, so they do have experience taking down a power five team. The game will tip at 7PM and Pitt will try and climb to 10-2 on the season. In addition to Iowa, Omaha has also played, and lost to, some familiar teams. Eastern Michigan and Rice have both taken them down this season, who you may remember as teams who Pitt has beaten. Head coach Derrin Hansen’s team fell very flat in their stiffest test of the year, bowing down to Iowa State, 91-47. That game is actually why their points per game is not higher.

Pitt’s defense will be tested and if they are not ready an upset could happen. You have to be careful with teams who love the offense, because if they start to click, they can be very tough to stop and sometimes it carries over to the defense too. The Panthers don’t want to get caught looking ahead to ACC play, which starts soon. Vegas is betting they don’t.

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