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Group of Former Pitt Players Ready to Take Court Together

The Basketball Tournament boasts a stacked field. Enter Pitt hoops alumni.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Last week I wrote about a Pitt basketball alumni team entering The Basketball Tournament with hopes of winning the two million dollar grand prize.

The team was originally slated to be called "The Cathedral Cats" is now going to be called The Untouchables. And get ready because the team is loaded with talent, including four former Pitt stars from the Jamie Dixon era.

The team will be built around, Jermaine Dixon, Gilbert Brown, Brad Wanamaker and Gary McGhee and will also feature Mark Lyons, a former Arizona Wildcat as well as former UMass star Ricky Harris. Also joining the team, Will Suppowitz, a former PItt men's basketball team manager and in full disclosure, I am the general manager of this team.

In order for us to get to play in the round of 64 in mid-July, we need all of the fan support that we can get. So click on the link. Also, be sure to follow us on twitter @Untochables_2.

As we get closer there will be more opportunities for fan involvement as we proceed. The team needs 200 votes to be eligible and then as many votes as possible to guarantee a spot in the field.