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Former Pitt star Dion Lewis in Super Bowl with New England Patriots

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

2015 was the ultimate in years of frustration for former Pitt running back Dion Lewis. He had finally returned after a fibula injury in 2013 with the Cleveland Browns. When he returned, he didn't make the Browns team in 2014 and failed to land on a roster with the Indianapolis Colts that season, either. The New England Patriots gave him a chance and, in the midst of a nice year, tore his ACL.

Things were finally working out for him until the injury forced him to essentially start over. Again.

The promise he showed in 2015, however, gave the Patriots enough to work with and he returned this season. Now, Lewis finds himself in the Super Bowl.

Recently, he talked a little about his journey from the injuries to date. The thing I like is that Lewis isn't only playing, but he's contributing as well. He didn't have any touchdowns in the regular season this year but his 283 yards on only 64 carries gave him a respectable 4.4 ypc average. Lewis also contributed in the passing game with 17 receptions in limited action. If the Patriots manage to win the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons, he'll hardly have been just along for the ride.

The former Pitt product has also found himself on the field for the Patriots' playoff run this year. His numbers aren't wildly impressive, but he had two touchdowns in New England's win over Houston and in two games against the Texans and Pittsburgh, has registered 19 carries to go along with four receptions.

How much time Lewis will get in the Super Bowl is anybody's guess, but judging by how he's been used since returning this year, you can bet he'll get some time with the ball.

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