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Panther of the Week: Jamel Artis

Jamel Artis is our Panther of the Week in a week that Pitt fans would like to forget.

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Mom said there would be days like this. I really can’t think of a week where it was this difficult to find a bright spot. I’ve had some weeks trying to select Panther of the Week was tough for good reasons, but rarely the other way around. Someone usually shines, no matter how bad it gets. Well, in a week that saw a 55 point loss and Pitt falling to the basement of the ACC in two games (both at home), this was not easy. Congratulations to Jamel Artis who, somewhat by default, is the Panther of the Week. I’m not sure I would take this as a compliment.

Rozelle Nix may have won the fans’ award for being one of the very few Pitt Panthers that looked like they gave a crap this past week. Unfortunately, we can’t award it just for that. Although, Anson did tell me few could argue if I gave myself the award this week. He’s not all that wrong. This was just one of the most disappointing weeks I can remember being a Pitt basketball fan.

Artis had only nine points in the blowout to Louisville to go along with three rebounds, and one steal and one assist. He performed a little better in the narrow loss to Clemson with 16 points, four boards, and three assists. He also connected on seven of 15 shots, despite missing some ill advised shots in the last minute.

I’d much rather have to pick from a week that has several players vying for this award. This is just depressing to have to pick from these past two games that saw Pitt fall to 12-9 overall and 1-7, and in last place, in the ACC.

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