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Paris Ford, Tyler Sear reportedly charged for fighting

NCAA Football: Youngstown State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

And today in the category of things that don’t matter ...

One of the two Pitt football teammates charged with fighting suggested Thursday a game of Madden simply got out of hand.

Paris Ford and Tyler Sear, freshmen on the Pitt football team, face charges stemming from an Oct. 17 fight the two had, in a Pitt dorm room, according to a University of Pittsburgh police report filed Wednesday.

The two were apparently charged and, according to that Post-Gazette story, this sounds like it was about a game of Madden gone awry. And according to tweets by the pair, it seems like everyone’s moved on.

I can’t even pretend to be upset at this. ‘Back in my day’ when we were playing NBA Live ‘95 or Madden, this kind of thing happened quite a bit. To the point of throwing punches, etc.? Okay, maybe not. But, honestly, I think we’ve all been upset at that one dude who would run the west coast offense on Madden and march down the field on four and five-yard slants that were practically impossible to stop.

This is a news story because of who’s involved, obviously. But it’s mostly a non-factor. That’s even more the case considering Ford hasn’t even played this year and Sear has barely suited up himself. Both of the guys involved have already moved on so it doesn’t seem like there’s any issue there, either.

Any kind of charges aren’t a great thing to deal with but this seems like it’s pretty minor by comparison. Perhaps more details surface that make it a more serious matter but so far, it sounds like a relatively small incident.

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