Featured Fanpost: Pitt Wrestling is stockpiling talent

This is a Fanpost written by a reader and not the staff of Cardiac Hill.

With a slew of recent commitments to the wrestling team, I think it is pretty impressive what Pitt has stock piled since Gavin has taken over. This team will be very young and talented.

It looks as though Forys will not redshirt this year. While he is an all american, Pitt has added a number of recruits that will be looking for time on the mat and there isn't as much of a need for him to redshirt.

Bentley has 2 years at 125. Forys has one at 133. Zanetta has one at 141 and Solomon has one at heavy weight. I look for all to start next year but then you have a bunch of highly recruited youngsters coming up behind.

Stout at 197 was ranked top 20 in the nation and will be a sophmore.

Seipel at 133 was a top 150 recruit and will be a sophmore

Rahmani at 157 is a top 20 wrestler and will be a sophmore

Phillipi at 133 is a top 20 recruit and will be a sophmore

Wentzel at 157 was a top 50 recruit and will be a freshman

Bell at 174 was a top 75 recruit and will be a freshman

Nico Bonaccorsi at 184 was top 3 at his weight class coming out of high school and will be a freshman

KJ Fenstermacher at 133 was top 20 in his weight class and will be a freshman.

Next years recruiting class has

Louis newell is one of the 20 best wrestlers coming in to wrestle 125

Cole Mathews is a top 50 recruit at 149/157

Luke Kemerer is a top 20 at his weight going into 149/157

David Crawford is a top 20 at his weight at 184

Jack Davis is a top 20 recruit heading to 133

Someone at 133(they are completely stacked with talent) will have to bump up to 141.

Someone will have to go to 165(either Wentzel or Rahmani)

They need to find a heavy weight after this year.

But for the first time in I don't know how long, this team has talent and depth. They can quickly turn into a top 15 team if not next year the one after. The money and attention put into the program is already reaping benefits and I look for that only to continue as the team gets better.

This should be an exciting couple of years coming up for Pitt wrestling.