Featured Fanpost: Why is everyone stressing patience with Stallings?

This Fanpost was written by a reader and not the staff of Cardiac Hill.

I understand not having high expectations. I understand these kids need to learn, its a new group, give them time..... but that is just a bunch of bunk.

Jamie Dixon was run out of town because people didn't appreciate how good of a coach he was. Its likely he would have left for TCU regardless, but people were unhappy with Dixon and the biggest issue was recruiting. More pointedly, not recruiting with the expectation that Adams was going to leave after one year. He had trouble recruiting to a new style of play in the ACC.

Everyone had high hopes on who was going to take the job, but in the end they hired Stallings. This was met with immediate criticism across the board followed by a quick retract and "give the guy a chance, its not like he isnt going to get a chance so we might as well see what he has.... he recruited well at Vandy which is way harder to recruit than Pitt, he should be able to bring in real talent here."

The knock against him was he lost the team at Vandy, but hey that could happen to anyone.... he did develop NBA talent.

So we get to year one. He loses the team and once again we give him a pass. It wasn't his team let him get his players in here. He was able to keep the recruiting class together. But all of those players are now gone as well as the entire team who didn't want to play for Stallings.... but give him a chance to get his guys in there.

So his first recruiting class in 2017. The guy has playing time in the ACC to offer. Surely a good recruiter is going to put together a nice class with so many spots.

Rivals doesn't have them in the top 40, however they do have Jamie Dixon who can't recruit at 34. 24/7 has them at 50, well behind Dixon and one ahead of Vandy where its impossible to recruit, however they only took 3 players. All of which would probably start for Pitt right now.

So we move to 2018, we need to give them time, but surely this recruiting season will be much better. Did we get a top 15 player??? no but Vandy was able to get one along with another 4 star. At least a couple of 4 star players in the top 150 or so right? No but TCU and Jamie Dixon were able to snag a couple.

So what is the problem? Is it because the ACC is a bad conference? Oh no, they are the best basketball conference in the country.

Is it because we have a horrible home court? Most people would say we have one of the top 20 arenas in the country. Some would put it in the top ten, but since the zoo is no longer what it once was, we can safely slot them at least in the top 25 and by no means a reason a recruit wouldn't come to Pitt.

Playing time? We don't have anyone blocking anyone. For playing time or on the boards.

Is it the money? Jamie Dixon was by no means cheap when he was here. Stallings was making 2.3 at Vandy.... do we really think we are saving that much money? His replacement is a better coach... better recruiter and only cost 377k a year.

Can we finally stop this horrible train and cut our losses and try to be a competitive basketball team again rather than riding it out preaching patience. We are an ACC basketball school. It wasn't so long ago that we were a perennial top 25 team. Lets face the facts, he lost two teams in a row and is having trouble recruiting because kids saw that and don't want to play for him. So while other schools are able to turn things around in 2-3 years, we are waiting and hoping for a 5 year fix because we have to be patient with a coach that really just isn't very good.

Or we could just wait for him to go .500 and jet to Oregon st.