Featured Fanpost: Kevin Stallings Deserves One More Season

This post was written by a reader and not the staff of Cardiac Hill

Look - the team does not look good, but everyone should have expected this. Kevin Stallings did not exactly inherit world beaters, and he has 11 new scholarship players. I was very critical of the hire when it happened, but this is what we have. Truthfully, Stallings is a good coach, who was once voted the 8th best offensive coach in the country by his peers.

With a massive buyout, I do not think it would be prudent for Pitt to cut ties too early. Plus, can we expect someone better than him to come along, especially when the world sees that Stallings was given such a short leash? The answer is no. If we cut ties with Stallings after this season, our next hire would be a young shot in the dark, someone who has absolutely no experience. Missing on such a hire could really bury the program.

I see the Stallings hate going around on twitter and I get it, but we all need to just buckle up and hope for the best. I truly believe that the guy can coach, and recruit. Already we are seeing some young athletic players developing. Shamiel Stevenson and Marcus Carr look like they might just be the real deal, and I wouldn't be surprised if Parker Stewart develops into a deadly shooter after he gets a little more comfortable out there. While this year will be painful, I predict that next year will be much better. I think the 2019-2020 season is the season that we may sneak back into the NCAA tournament. By then, Stallings will have a nice recruiting footprint built up, and hopefully a blueprint for sustained success.

Let's just walk off the ledge and see what the guy can do. All I am asking is to see the team compete this year, and the young guys develop. Next year, and the year after we can start clamoring for his ouster if warranted.

P.S. Thank you for reading my first post. I am a 2014 Pitt grad, and am currently a law student in NYC. I've been reading CardiacHill religiously since my sophomore year way back in 2011. Give me a follow on Twitter at @SM_tweets for more random Pitt thoughts.