Featured Fanpost: WANTED - ACC Rivalry

This post was written by a reader and not the staff of Cardiac Hill

The Thanksgiving weekend is the greatest rivalry weekend in all of college football; however, since the loss of the Backyard Brawl (and PSU many years before that) Pitt hasn't had the opportunity to play a rivalry game for Thanksgiving. Since moving to the ACC, Miami is generally the team scheduled for this weekend. There is some Big East history with Miami, and they are the team that everyone loves to hate, but do fans consider them a rival? Perhaps after this weekend, the rivalry may begin to grow. It's not possible to fake a rivalry by simply giving it a name or a trophy (River City), but I think there is an opponent on the schedule that could be placed on this weekend every year so that a true rivalry can blossom - Syracuse. Outside of PSU and WVU, Syracuse is Pitt's most frequently played opponent. The Rivalries with the first two aren't coming back to Thanksgiving weekend, but maybe there would be a chance to convince the ACC to schedule Pitt-Syracuse every Thanksgiving. The ACC has already recognized the two as needing to play every year, and they did schedule Pitt-Syracuse in 2016. Based on the history of rivalry games already on the schedule the only four teams without a true rival for this weekend are Pitt, Miami, BC and Syracuse. The ACC may be more concerned about trying to maintain divisional alignments for this weekend, and Miami does offer the greatest chance of having a talented team on the schedule for Thanksgiving, but my personal preference would be to slot Syracuse in for the final game for all the future seasons.