Featured Fanpost: Canada out at LSU?

Multiple sources are reporting that LSU will fire Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada after their bowl game on Monday. If those sources are accurate, could this be a perfect time to bring him back to Pitt?

Canada, who still has 2 years left on his LSU contract, will be given a buyout of roughly 1.5 million per year minus any salary he would get from landing a new job. Right now he is the highest paid offensive coordinator in the NCAA, but he’s guaranteed his LSU salary for the next 2 years no matter where he signs. Some sources are even reporting that officials from LSU have been in touch with Canada’s representatives on a potential settlement for a split.

Reports of a rocky relationship with LSU head coach Ed Orgeron have been floating around for months, and Canada refused to answer when he was asked during a recent interview if he was left to run the offense the way he wanted all season long. Will a desire to have free reign over his offense like he had last year with Pitt play a big role in where he decides to coach next?

Also, as of January 9th, teams will be allowed to hire a 10th assistant coach. Pitt just expanded their pool of money for assistants when Narduzzi negotiated his contract extension. Pitt could use this extra position to bring Canada back as offensive coordinator, and keep Shawn Watson on staff as co-coordinator or quarterbacks coach.

Could this be the perfect storm of events to bring Canada back to Pittsburgh?