Featured Fanpost: Pitt - Unrivaled in 2016-17

If you ask Penn State, they'll tell you Ohio State or Michigan or some other team is their big rival.

Or maybe they'll tell you the don't have a rival at all...


Penn State football - unrivaled?


They know who their REAL rival is... and Pitt isn't backing down, apparently, either! The Keystone State Rivalry played out on the gridiron, the hardwood, and the diamond this school year - with some very repetitive results!

So, from a Hokie fan to Panther Nation:

Congratulations to Pitt Athletics for beating Penn State every which way they could think of...

  • The Panthers beat the Nittany Lions in football 42-39
  • Pitt beat Penn State 81-73 in men's basketball.
  • Then, on April 4th, Pitt baseball beat Penn State 3-2

PSU at Pitt 2016

PSU 39, Pitt 42

Call it a sweep. Call it a hat trick. Call it ownage (pwnage?). Whatever you call it, call it what it is - a rivalry.

...or then again, maybe not. Maybe Pitt is the team that's unrivaled?

Hail to Pitt