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Filed under: has four Pitt players in mock NFL Draft

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Mock drafts are flying off shelves and one that caught my eye this weekend was's. Theirs is interesting because, while other mocks chart the first couple of rounds, they take a stab at the whole thing.

Their recent mock draft has four Pitt players being selected. The site has Nathan Peterman going in the second round to the Cleveland Browns. Then, in a pair of intriguing picks, they have James Conner going to the Eagles in the third round and Dorian Johnson teaming up with Aaron Donald with the Rams. Finally, in the fifth round, they have Adam Bisnowaty going to the Arizona Cardinals.

All four of those guys are locks to be selected in my mind. The question (in addition to seeing where those guys go) is if a team takes a flyer on any other Pitt players. There are plenty of intriguing guys like defensive linemen Ejuan Price, Shakir Soto, and Tyrique Jarrett. Price, in particular, was just so disruptive. He's older but was very effective at Pitt so it wouldn't surprise me if he was selected, too.

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