Should Pitt restore the Royal Blue and Yellow colors?

My vote is a resounding, yes! Pitt's blue and yellow/mustard uniforms of the past were unique, especially when paired with the classic Pitt script logo. The current blue and gold colors look too much like Notre Dame, Navy, and a handful of other navy and gold wearing colleges. The Delaware Blue Hens are the only royal blue and yellow school that comes to mind.

New Pitt athletic director, Heather Lyke, isn't saying this is going to happen and she's not saying it's not going to happen either in an article posted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I am not a Pitt fan, but I think many, if not most, Pitt fans would agree that the royal blue and yellow/mustard look beats the navy blue and gold look easily. I hope this generates some discussion. I need a few more words to reach the one-hundred fifty word minimum for a fan post. There!