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Cardiac Hill Poll of the Day: 1,000 Yards for Jester Weah?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Pitt wide receiver had a breakout year with 36 catches for 870 yards. A whopping ten of of those grabs were for touchdowns. Sometimes you'll see tight ends have that kind of ratio when it comes to catches vs. touchdowns since a lot of them see more action in the red zone. But, without looking it up, that had to be among the highest in college football for a guy that recorded as many catches.

Not bad for a guy who had his first college reception just last year.

Weah could be utilized even more this year and the 36 catches he had was a pretty modest number. With James Conner and his 1,000-yard season missing in terms of returning production, there's probably a little more opportunity to throw the ball even though Pitt has a lot of talented backs returning and some highly-touted recruits.

Pitt also is breaking in a new quarterback and has a new offensive coordinator. The offensive line, while good, is certainly downgraded with the loss of two NFL Draft picks (one of which, Dorian Johnson, was an All-American). And not only will Quadree Henderson be looking to catch more passes but Pitt has some younger receivers looking to make their marks.

With all of that said, will Jester Weah hit 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in his career? Keep in mind, that's not necessarily a prerequisite for Pitt to be successful this year because of the other weapons at the team's disposal. But do you think he'll get there in 2017?

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