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New Cardiac Hill Staff Announcements

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed a new post went up today from an unfamiliar name. Fact is, we've got a few new contributors on board as we gear up for football season.

First, Mike Wilson, who posted today's article about Scott Orndoff, is joining us as a regular writer. He was previously at the Pitt News as an editor and will be writing on a variety of news topics. You give Mike a follow on Twitter, @xmikewilson.

Next is HokieMark, who you may have seen here before. As you might have surmised from the name, Mark is a Virginia Tech fan. So why is he here? Simple. He's got great insight into the ACC as a whole, as demonstrated on his blog, ACC Football Rx, which has been operating for several years. For a while, I've been wanting to get an ACC person in here to give takes on what's happening within the conference. I try to hit some of that but really need someone that has more expertise in that area, and that's him. He'll be writing several ACC-related pieces for us.

Finally, Jeff Ahearn will be joining us as a photographer. Matt Hawley, who has done some great work for us, is still around. Jeff will be photographing football games while Matt covers the basketball side.

Glad to have all of these guys on board. They are super talented and will be great additions.