Pitt Football II

In a recent post 2 Gentleman down played recruiting. In college if you do not recruit well you do not win consistently. I love Coach Naz, but if he does not do a better job we need to find someone else. I believe all Coaches deserve at least until their first recruiting class graduates but after today's game, I feel the best he is going to achieve is mediocrity. Penn St. has as of now the # 2 recruiting class in the nation and a top 10 class last year. Right now Pitt is not in the top 50. I know some kids are under evaluated but today they showed just what they are, bottom tier recruits. Not having a on campus Stadium can be overcome by talent which we sorely lack enough of. If Pitt wants to get back to the glory days of the 70's and 80's we have to have talent and Coaching. Shawn Watson was so terrible at Texas he was relieved of play calling and this defense Naz has brought with him is horrible at best. The recruits who were at today's game are probably looking elsewhere by now. No wonder guys like Wade, Jurkovich and Sanders went elsewhere. No one wants to be embarrassed like this on a consistent basis. The pass defense has ranked at the bottom for several years, not a glowing testament for a defensive minded coach. There is talent on this team, but not enough to win the ACC or be a National Contender. Take a page from Herm Edwards, we play to win the game. If the administration is O.K with mediocrity Naz is your guy, he just is not it.