Basketball Recruiting

Like everyone else, I am going to be very curious to see where the recent federal investigation leads. What schools are involved? To what degree are they involved? A lot of people were very critical that Jamie Dixon wasn't getting the McDonald's All Americans... does that perception change if he was actually playing by the rules? If some of the recruits we lost out on chose a different school because they were offered $100,000, should we have countered?

Personally, I'd like to see recruits be able to accept money. Keeping everything above ground will prevent some of the shady things that are being brought to the surface now. The money should not be coming from the school directly, but maybe from boosters allocated by the school? Maybe a top 100 kid would have a decision to sign a 4 year contract with Pitt for 400,000 or a 1 year contract with UK for 200,000. Maybe kids would be more interested in taking math and business classes if they are exposed to real world applications of it. Anyway, just throwing some ideas out there.