Pitt Football

I love the enthusiasm Coach Naz has brought to the Burgh. Problem is his recruiting classes are mediocre at best. Emotion will only take you so far, year after year as schools like Penn St., NC, Miami, Clemson continue to rack up 4 and 5 star recruits, Pitt continues to get 3's and high 2's. You will never be more than mediocre, never be in the hunt, or when a title.. Bottom line is he needs to Recruit better, you are not gonna continue to find gems like Aaron Donald, Ejuan Price and James Conner. One player a year is not going to keep you competitive. There are no dogs up front to hunt, the linebackers are lost, and the corners are just to small to compete in the ACC. You cannot win on enthusiasm alone. The current class 2018 are all 3's. They need better talent than what we are getting. I realize this team is young, but the talent level is not close to Penn St. ect.