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Pitt Football 2019 season opener moved to 9/28/19

Pitt’s season opener against Delaware in 2019 has been moved back a few weeks.

NCAA Football: Albany at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the best information on Pitt’s schedule ends up coming from other schools announcing schedule changes. That was the case here, as we learned that Pitt’s 2019 season opener has been moved to 9/28/18 via a schedule tweet from Delaware Football

As Brian points out, the chances are high that Pitt was asked to move its opener to make room for a conference game to start the season and help celebrate the launch of the ACC Network.

The ACC Network is scheduled to launch in August of 2019, and be similar in scope to the SEC Network, or the Big 10 Network. It’s also similar to the Pac 12 Network, but let’s hope the ACC’s deal with ESPN is much better at actually getting on television services.

Considering all the work Pitt has done in anticipation of the ACC Network launch, the hope is the return on the investment will be worth it when the network does indeed launch. Having a great slate of games to start the season off is a good place to start.