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King of the Hill: ACC Power Rankings (Week 11)

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Little changes to the weekly power rankings for the second week in a row, which means we’re obviously pretty settled in at this point. A team or two could make a major move, but for the most part, I’m not sure how much movement we’ll see the rest of the year. Essentially, we’ve got two elite teams, two others that are pretty good, a sea of mediocrity, and then a second sea of pretty bad teams.

The only change this week was some slight reshuffling from teams No. 4 through No. 7. NC State moves up a couple of spots after beating a bad Florida State team. As a result, they leapfrog Wake Forest (a team they beat in the season opener) and over Virginia Tech (a team they lost to in Week 2).

Of the three teams, it makes the most sense to me to rank NC State ahead of the others for now. They are all 1-1 against each other, NC State has the best record, and the Wolfpack were the only team to win their game this weekend (even if the other two had more difficult games). Are any of three definitively better than the others, though? Eh, I’m not so sure.

Here are this week’s full rankings.

  1. (1) Notre Dame (8-0): 45-31 win over Boston College
  2. (2) Clemson (7-1): Bye
  3. (3) Miami (7-1): 25-24 win over Virginia Tech
  4. (5) North Carolina (6-2): 59-53 win over Wake Forest
  5. (7) NC State (5-3): 38-22 win over Florida State
  6. (4) Wake Forest (4-3): Lost to North Carolina
  7. (6) Virginia Tech (4-4): Lost to Miami
  8. (8) Boston College (5-4): Lost to Notre Dame
  9. (9) Pitt (4-4): 41-17 Game postponed
  10. (10) Virginia (3-4): 31-17 win over Louisville
  11. (11) Georgia Tech (2-5): Game postponed
  12. (12) Louisville (2-6): Lost to Virginia
  13. (13) Florida State (2-6): Lost to NC State
  14. (14) Duke (2-6): Bye
  15. (15) Syracuse (1-7): Bye

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