Featured Fanpost: Pitt Basketball Scholarship Matrix

A reader takes a look at the Pitt basketball scholarship situation

I've been building this since the early signing period, but figured with the transfer portal winding up and the 2020 cycle winding down, I might as well throw this up for larger consumption. I wanted to do a few things with this: (1) keep an accurate tally of how many open scholarships remain; (2) the distribution of players by class and by position; (3) a rough idea of what the overall talent on the roster looks like; and (4) the number of official visits that are currently counting against the cap.

So, here is the scholarship matrix, tracking from the 2019-20 roster to 2022-23 (the current freshman class' senior year). As a rough legend, blue = freshmen eligibility, green = sophomores, orange = junior, purple = senior; a player whose name is in Red indicates that they took a redshirt (crossed out means it is the player's sit-out year); and walk-ons are below the scholarship players in the same style. The rating is just each player's final 247 composite ranking, and the talent matrix found below the walk-ons is just each scholarship player's 247 rating divided by 13 total scholarships (this means players like Horton count for zero, but I didn't want to make up a rating for a player without one). Below the walk-ons, I list the position breakdown between guards, wings, and forwards. This is just my own take on what their position is (I count Odukale as a guard and Collier as a forward; just my opinion on where they sit.)

Scholarship Matrix (3/31)

And, here is the official visit tracker. Same general concept: the list is populated by my research based on a variety of sources - recruiting websites, twitter, etc. - but if there is anyone that I missed, I'd be happy to edit. Players in yellow committed to Pitt. NCAA rules provide for 28 visits over a rolling two-year period, so players crossed out have visited more than two years ago and no longer count against the 28 visit cap.

Official Visits (3/31)

I'd be happy to hear any suggestions on how this can be improved, but I wanted to keep it as simple and as easy to digest as possible. I'm working through a post with some general takeaways and thoughts; but, since things are so fluid right now and there are some questions about how many scholarship slots Pitt has to play with in the 2020 class, I'm hoping that some find it to be useful!

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