Pitt a field goal favorite against Clemson

What a year it's been for Pittsburgh and Kenny Pickett. The Panthers are on top in the ACC for the first time since 2018 Things keep going like they are, then they're in line for a conference title game and a potential Orange Bowl appearance.

Before they can even think about celebrating something like that. The Panthers have a huge hurdle on Saturday. Clemson may not be the team everyone thought they were. However, they're still an elite defense with enough talent on offense to blow away anyone in the country.


Pittsburgh is the slight favorite in this one. The Panthers are 3 point favorites, and they're given -154 odds to win the game outright. That's an implied 60.6% chance to win the game. Meanwhile, Clemson is given +140 odds, or an implied 41.7% chance to pull off the upset.

Oddsmakers given home teams a 3 point bump. So, they essentially see this game as even. Only time will tell if home field advantage will be enough to get Pitt past the Tigers.

Matchup history

Clemson and Pittsburgh have played each other 4 times in their history. The series is split even with Clemson and Pitt each winning 2 games.

Pitt's two wins came in 1977 and 2016. In 1977, Pitt demolished Clemson in the Gator Bowl by a score of 34 to 3. In 2016, the Panthers squeezed out a 43 to 42 victory. That would end up being Clemson's only loss in a National Title winning season.

The bad new is, Clemson has dominated this series recently. They decimated Pitt in the 2018 ACC championship game. Last year, Clemson got a 52-10 victory.


Pitt has a chance to stamp out Clemson's dominance over the ACC and establish theirs in one game. A win here and Pitt essentially takes over the power in the Coastal Division, at least for a season. A loss here and Clemson may just crawl back into the ACC title picture.

Pitt has a real shot to win a conference title this year. If they can just win this game, they may have the momentum they need to at least get them to the title game.

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