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Pitt vs. New Hamshire: Open Gamethread

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt takes on the undefeated FCS New Hampshire wildcats today at noon. After the calamity last weekend, Pitt should hopefully make this an entertaining yet boring blowout. Pitt fans know better than to 100% believe that, but here’s hoping. The spread is -29.5 and while I think Pitt should cover, never forget the #1 rule of Pitt athletics: don’t bet for or against Pitt in any circumstance. Just don’t do it. They will lose you money.

The game will be on ACC Network Extra, so you should be able to stream it. You’ll also be able to comment here in this thread live during the game with other Pitt fans. Let’s see how Pitt responds after last weekend for Homecoming