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Week 11 Big East Football Power Rankings

It's time again for the SB Nation Big East Power Rankings. Did Pitt hang onto their No. 1 spot?

In a word - no. Pitt actually received the most No. 1 votes, but due to people like myself and Voodoo 5, Pitt slipped to second place. Here's my ballot:

1. Syracuse

2. UConn

3. West Virginia

4. Pitt

5. South Florida

6. Louisville

7. Rutgers

8. Cincinnati

I know, I know - fourth? Fourth? Well this doesn't mean I think Pitt is only the fourth best team in the Big East. But the rankings are based on some head to head matchups. Yes, Pitt beat Syracuse but Syracuse is 1 1/2 games ahead of the Panthers. UConn and Pitt have the same record and UConn beat Pitt.

West Virginia's another story - true, they haven't played Pitt, but Pitt's loss to UConn was, in a word, awful. WVU, meanwhile is looking better.

Check out The UConn blog for full results.