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BCS Bowl Projections: Where Do Things Stand

Even though Pitt is just about out of contention for a BCS bowl bid, there's still lots happening with the BCS bowls.

ESPN is hosting the BCS selection show this weekend, but there's no reason why we can't make some predictions. My fellow SB Nation Pittsburgh writer, Jeff Junstrom of Penn State blog, Black Shoe Diaries, has done a heck of a job breaking down the rules for the BCS bowls. So with those rules in place, let's make some quick picks.

BCS National Championship Game: Auburn Vs. Oregon - Auburn may get a challenge at South Carolina this week, but in the end, I think they get by the Gamecocks and the Ducks get by Oregon State.

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin Vs. TCU - Wisconsin is the Big Ten tie-in, but TCU is the pick here because the bowl is obligated to select the first available highest-ranked non AQ team that isn't chosen already.

Sugar Bowl: Arkansas Vs. Ohio State - The Sugar bowl loses the SEC champion in Auburn, but gets a good matchup picking another SEC school and a one-loss Buckeye team.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech Vs. Stanford - The Hokies have already clinched the title and I expect the Orange Bowl to select Stanford.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma Vs. UConn - This game may be the most difficult to predict. Oklahoma takes on Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship and I'm picking the Sooners. UConn also needs to get by South Florida, but I think they'll do that as well.