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Pitt Basketball: Panthers On Top Of SB Nation Big East Rankings

With all of the football stuff going on this week, I'm a little late in getting this posted. But SB Nation's Big East basketball rankings are now out and, as expected, Pitt is near the top.

Pitt is second, to be exact. I don't have a problem with that mostly because, well, I was one person who didn't rank them first. My ballot is below and be sure to head over to The UConn Blog to see the cumulative rankings.

1. Syracuse
2. Pittsburgh
3. Villanova
4. Notre Dame
5. UConn
6. Louisville
7. Cincinnati
8. St. John's
9. Marquette
10. West Virginia
11. Georgetown
12. Rutgers
13. Providence
14. Seton Hall
15. South Florida
16. DePaul