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Cardiac Hill Takes Over Fathead

Well, okay, not exactly.

But I have been asked to become a weekly contributor on Fathead's blog...which leads us to an obvoius question I'm sure many of you are thinking about:

Fathead has a blog?

Well, in fact, yes they do. For those of you unfamiliar, Fathead is the company that makes those cool huge graphics of athletes and logos that you can stick onto and peel off of your wall. They also have a blog that talks about pretty much anything related to sports. Though, it's just now getting more structured and they're going to start using weekly contributors for the first time, the blog is up and running.

So the next obvious question is, will I be writing about anything related to Pitt. At times, probably. But I'll be serving as something more along the lines of a general sports contributor, so I'll be hitting upon lots of things - generally hot topics currently being discussed.

This is pretty cool to me because while my first sports love is obviously Pitt, like most people, I follow all of the major sports pretty closely.

My first article is actually up now and it's about NFL postseason awards. Go check it out.