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Fun With Todd Graham's Wikipedia Page

Oh Wikipedia, how we love thee. No, not because someone linked to Jon's Cardiac Hill article on Todd Graham's current page (though, that was cool), but because of the fun we have with you.

Someone posted this great verbiage on Graham's page ... well, at least until it was removed:

Todd Graham (born December 5, 1964 in Mesquite, Texas) is the head football coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils.[1] He was previously the head coach of the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes and the Pittsburgh Panthers. He also has family near every Division I college campus, while also possessing a dream of coaching at all of them, which gives him a convenient excuse every time he bails on a program after less than two years. Known for his high octane offense, as well as his honor and integrity. Just ask him.

Didn't get to see it or save it as your desktop? Have no fear - we've got a snapshot after the jump.

I would say Graham doesn't deserve this, but we all know that there's nothing farther from truth. Such is life when you leave your players without even a courtesy meeting.

Good riddance.