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More Fallout From the Departure of Todd Graham

If you haven't yet, take a peek over at Devin Street's Twitter account. He has been letting the Sun Devil head coach just how betrayed he feels.

Luckily, several of Pitt's recruits from this year's class, including key players like Rushel Shell, Chad Voytik, and Chris and Demetrious Davis, appear to remain committed to Pitt. Which is great news obviously for Pitt moving forward, but it's completely understandable if they decide to look at other schools. As Chris Peak, writer at, posted on his Twitter account:

One #Pitt recruit said this to me tonight: "I didn't give the coaching staff my word; I gave the school my word."

That certainly is something Pitt fans need to hear right now.

Right now, the interim head coach will be Keith Patterson, although you have to wonder how invested Patterson is to this football team right now, considering he's one of the ASU coach's good friends and likely will follow him to Tempe.

But whoever comes in to be Pitt's new head football coach is going to have a lot of work to do. The fan base, the community, but most of all, the players, are shocked right now and don't know what or who to believe. They've been through a lot over the course of 337 days (how long we had our last head coach). When the new head coach is introduced for the first time, expect for fans and players to be leery of what he says. After all, we all saw how we let a head coach talk his way into making us believe that good things were on the horizon.

That is all. I have nothing further to comment on this matter. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm still upset with the man and, nothing personal Arizona State fans, I hope ASU loses every game while he is your head coach. As much as I despise Rich Rodriguez, I will be cheering for Rich Rod and Arizona to run up the score on Arizona State (It's certainly easier with an uncle who's an Arizona alum). I'll end this vent with the best Tweet I've seen since the news broke. This is courtesy of ESPN's Mark Schlabach.

I'd like to apologize to every college football coach I ever criticized. None of you were as bad as Todd Graham. What a fraud

Hey, he's not a complete fraud. Remember. He didn't have a five-year plan. He had a one-year plan.