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Pitt Basketball: Are Panthers Still Atop SB Nation Big East Power Rankings?

Pitt has lost two of their past three games and with other conference foes closing in, are they still on top of the SB Nation Big East Power Rankings?

Well, not only was Pitt still in first place, but they were a unanimous choice. I was a little surprised to see that, but my fellow bloggers still viewed Pitt as the league's best team.

Here was my ballot:

1. Pittsburgh
2. Notre Dame
3. Louisville
4. Syracuse
5. St. John's
6. UConn
7. Cincinnati
8. Georgetown
9. Villanova
10. Marquette
11. West Virginia
12. Seton Hall
13. Rutgers
14. Providence
15. South Florida
16. DePaul

Check out the cumulative rankings over at The UConn Blog. I came close to putting Notre Dame first, but Pitt still has one less loss than the Irish. Plus, Notre Dame recently lost to West Virginia by 14 points and struggled to beat Providence by one point last week.